A6 Corp is very intensive training camp for military. In the UK, they have MI6, here, in the US, we have A6 Corp. We train soldiers to be super soldiers. Out of 100 participants every year, only 12 become A6 Corp soldiers due to too intensive training.

To become participant, you must undergo many tests and must already have some training. This is not for the weak soldiers. Before you are allowed to train with us, you have to prove that you are worthy. Your must fight like a soldier. You must adopt mind-set for a soldier – any time you are in war, at any point you may die, this is a thought that gives you “winds” to fight for survival. While training with us, you will learn how to overcome thought that don’t serve you in war, how to escape the situations where, it seems, is impossible.

If you think you got what it takes, give us a call for a free evaluation of your body and mind-set.